Tribulation Token

Advance Summary

  1. Currently, over 130 countries are rolling out “Digital Currencies.”
  2. Currency and Coin, as we know it, shall be abandoned or recalled.  Witness the abandonment of US Confederate currency of old or the recent recall of larger rupee notes in India.
  3. Digital Currency shall be the only medium for commercial exchange, complete with a record of your spending habits, preferences, and indulgences.
  4. Total government control and dictate shall be strictly required, lest one’s access to assets, such as stocks, bonds, bank deposits, etc., be denied… at the flip of a switch… rendering an individual without resources.
  5. Precious metals have been a historical “store of value” (real money) for over 50 centuries.
  6. Governments cannot “print” precious metals out of thin air, as they currently flood the globe with “fiat” money – robbing individual buying power through inflation they inevitably create.
  7. Smaller silver bullion coins, tokens, rounds, and bars are more versatile than their gold cousins, requiring little, if any, change from transactions – say, for food, personal services, or necessities of life.
  8. The preferred size is 1/10th Troy Ounce, reflecting a current price/value of between $5 to $8 per unit.
  9. While there are 1/10th Troy Ounce rounds available for purchase today, only one is considered a “Pledge Token,” relying on Constitutional and Executive Order exemption precedent protecting against government seizure.
  10.  It shall not take long for people to figure out their vulnerability to others of the corporate and government types, who systematically gain control of life and freedom from those of us who pay their salaries.

Now is the time to assemble a “Plan B” for what is coming, before the masses make a run on existing supplies!

“What is it?”

The Tribulation Token (tm: “Copr.” 7DF, 2023) crafted from .999 Fine Silver, weighing in at 1/10th Troy Ounce, is a dime sized precious metal Token which relies upon the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, and exemption precedent under Section 2, Paragraph (f) of Presidential Executive Order 6814, for protection against government seizure.

No other known gold, silver, or other precious metal(s), coin, round, or bar can make such claim. The Tribulation Token is the first “Pledge Token” in the world, bearing a palpable biblical end-time Christian message which shall gain resonance with Jew and Muslim alike.

Its compact size, weight, and relatively inexpensive cost, though maintaining value easily referenceable to the content of its silver, plus or minus its collectible premium, may provide utilitarian desirability complementing its timely scriptural missive.

Current Token Pricing Indication

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We shall price your sell-order into our “Priority Placement Pool” (PPP), with the objective of paying you end-column pricing – paid by those who buy Tokens from us at the maximum discounted rate. 

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The Tribulation Token Story

Three major religions of the world can be traced back to the patriarch Abraham. Islam, the latest of the Abrahamic religions, traces its roots to Ishmael, firstborn son to Abraham by his wife’s handmaid Hagar.

Where Ishmael was included in the Covenant God made with Abraham, son Isaac, born by Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was conceived through the Covenant.

Ishmael had 12 sons and one daughter. The sons became princes, from which early Muslims descended (established c. AD mid 600’s).

Isaac had twin sons. Jacob, the second born of the twins, gained the family Blessing, which brother Esau took lightly – not recognizing the gravity of his decision, valuing the preservation of his own flesh greater than the Blessing.

Jacob later would have an encounter with the “Messenger of God,” wherein God renamed Jacob, Israel. Israel, like Ishmael, had 12 sons and one daughter.

Israel’s posterity runs far and deep. Moses, King David, and many prophets came through his lineage.

Islam recognizes many of the same patriarchs and prophets named within the TANAKH (called the Old Testament by Christians), as do the Jews and Christians.

Where do the Christians weigh in?

The Christians rely upon the TANAKH as a blueprint for what and Whom the coming Messiah would be. Jesus, from the lineage of Israel, is that Messiah.

Where the Israelites might argue differently, as they continue to wait for their divine visitation, Islam recognizes Jesus (Isa) as a great prophet.

Disagreements have been many and frequently spirited; yet, surprisingly, an interesting commonality relating to end-of-age events is converging to an endpoint-time-period known as the “Tribulation” to the Christian, and “Jacob’s Trouble” to the Israelite, while the Muslim anticipates events leading to a return of Jesus (Isa) from Heaven to defeat al-Masih ad-Dajjal (the false Messiah, a.k.a. the Antichrist).

While the Christian awaits Jesus’ return, the Israelite awaits a forerunner to Messiah, whom they shall call Elijah or possibly Zerubbabel (the rebuilder of the Second Temple, conspicuously absent since its destruction by the Romans in A.D. 70).

Islam also looks for a forerunner, named Muhammed Al-Mahdi (the Twelver), as in “the last great imam who shall emerge in the end-of-days to establish peace and justice, and as a redeemer of Islam.” 

So, while the Christian awaits the return to earth of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords (being Jesus) and the Israelite looks for Messiah as One who shall deliver Israel from her enemies (commencing a “Golden Age” period for the earth and assumption of the “Promised Land” as deeded to Abraham), the Muslim seeks a resurrected messenger to usher in end-time peace and justice.

The Tribulation Token provides a scriptural message, indicating the nearness of time, when: “A man shall come in peace as world events reach their nadir, in a crumbling economic environment characterized by multiple global skirmishes and wars.”

Christian Scripture warns us of an imposter-of-peace to come gaining notoriety and authority, known as the Antichrist. Who, brokering a Middle East peace deal, likely appears on the scene negotiating a “twin sovereign” co-use of the Holy Land to provide official statehood for the Palestinians, with the allowance for the building of Israel’s Third Temple upon the Temple Mount as well. Such Temple would be next to the Dome of the Rock Mosque, on property concurrently controlled by the Ministry of Awqaf out of Amman, Jordan, with the Palestinian authorities acting as protective fiduciaries.

 Where the Israelite and Islamic Scriptures seem to point in a converging direction, the Christian Scriptures and current global events provide a timeline and confirmation to that great convergence… an end-time “Singularity” if you will.

Scripturally, the Antichrist, known as “the man of sin,” won’t be revealed until God’s Holy Spirit releases His restrictive hold on this soon recognized “bad actor.” But, prior to the Antichrist’s freedom-to-act, and as the Holy Spirit’s precursor to releasing him, another event (or historical period) must come first, which is known as “the falling away.”

What is this “falling away”?

Is it lukewarmness exhibited by Christians? Well, within the last 20 or so years, we’ve seen fading impact upon social morals formerly guided by Christian principles; Sunday evening services have all but disappeared; and mid-week services have been curtailed by a multitude of congregations. All of this being an observable fact. But this is not the condemning part of the “falling away.”

No, the test of “falling away” is most truly evidenced by Christians and their denominations departing from biblical truths, in favor of embracing the cultural normative of the day – even when such norms are antibiblical. In short, they have a form of godliness yet deny the power thereof.

While the Tribulation Token tells the story about to unfold on an unsuspecting world, wherein personal freedoms continue to diminish as autocratic regimes increase in power and fascist movements gain traction, there is a message of hope.

Moving from scriptural indications to current events, the Antichrist, who shall dominate global commerce, would not be able to successfully pull-off such a feat, if it were not for currency-less electronic wallets supplanting what is “tangible assets of currency and coin” today (the principal medium of exchange for countless centuries).

The “Command and Control” of the global populace today is the “Cellphone and Digital Currency,” leaving everyone subject to the whims of those who hold power over such systems.

If the recipients of the Tribulation Token pause to consider where world Command and Control is converging, with supportive indications by the three principal Abrahamic religions, then the distribution of this Token is quite timely.

If, however, the recipient of the Token does not consider any spiritual aspect at all, they will still have a utilitarian object of precious metal value and purity which they shall not likely discard… especially as governments race to a currency-less global environment, where coin and note shall become relegated to the dusty pages of history in favor of electronic digital currencies with transaction diaries tracking its users.

Get your tokens today!

What Token Holders Have To Say

“I recently gave one of my Tokens to the young man who served us dinner, as part of his gratuity. Not only did it provide me an opportunity to share my faith (referencing the Token’s scriptural end-of-age verses), but I know he won’t likely discard it as he might a Gospel tract.”

G.S., Seminole, FL

“I can’t wait to show these Tokens to my customers, when they come in to get their hair done. This is a great pure silver alternative that shall be needed as currency and coin disappear!”

L.T., Clearwater, FL

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