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But they should. After all, you are allowing them to charge others high interest rates on your money - pocketing excess interest they should be sharing with you.

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Yes, 7th Day can help with IRA’s, brokerage accounts, estate settlements, as well as a multitude of other financial situations. 

While we all know that it is imperative that we save for our future – avoiding dependency on Social Security and the vanishing company pension programs – one must do their level best to save and invest.

One well-known financial brokerage company has stated you should have a million bucks tucked away. Others say 12 times your latest year pretax income. Still, others say it depends on what you want your retirement lifestyle to be.

We create financial solutions which others fail to recognize or do poorly. While that may sound brash, 40+ years of high-level service is the proof you shall discover. 

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