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Last updated: December 07, 2023

Tribulation Token - Incentives and Terms

Thank you for your interest in this valuable religious Token, focusing on informing and protecting its holders, in a world where personal freedoms are waning.

Whether you’re interested in the Token as a witness to others, being your protected religious right, or simply think that such item may have utilitarian value in the months to come, it is important that you know how we conduct our business relationships.

1. Our goal is for the widest distribution of these Tokens possible. While we offer quantity “Price Breakpoints,” we ask you to limit your order to no more than 1,000 Tokens.

2. We reward bank wire payments and cashier’s checks, offering a 2 % product discount to those who utilize these payment methods.

Be sure to place your Order Reference # on all checks and bank transfers. Please provide bank branch contact name and phone number for cashier’s check verification.

Personal checks are accepted but require a clearing period of 7 business days prior to order fulfillment. Personal check payments shall receive a 1% discount off product cost.

We’re not big on cash or debit/credit cards. Cash is cumbersome and bank cards are expensive to process. We do accept credit/debit cards to “round up” your order (maximum charge $1,000). A $20 (flat-fee) convenience charge shall be added to that portion of your order, regardless of amount placed “on card”.

Sorry, no “crypto” or electronic non-bank funds transfer platform payments accepted.

As soon as your cleared funds are available, your order shall be priced and filled. Shipping shall require an adult signature on the receiver’s side. If nobody is available (except your house pet or minor child), your package can be picked up at the shipping company’s closest distribution depot.

3. Types of orders:

A. “Direct Order”: Deposit – Clear – Price – Fill (DCPF) transactions, meaning:

  1. We Deposit your payment;
  2. We verify Cleared funds;
  3. We Price your Tokens; and,
  4. We Fill and ship your order.

You shall receive as many Tokens as your deposit can buy, after consideration of shipping related costs and state sales tax where applicable, rounded up to the next whole Token (to your benefit). Example, if after shipping related costs, etc., you are calculated to receive X number of Tokens, yet have $.01 or more credit balance, you shall receive X plus one additional Token to round you up.


  1. Currently, Florida residents pay state sales tax on product orders up to $500 (shipping, insurance, etc., not considered “product” where sales tax is concerned – sorry, not our rule).
  2.  Product orders exceeding $500 do not pay any sales tax.

B. “Deferred Order”: Deposit – Clear – Defer – Price – Fill (DCDPF) transactions, meaning:

  1. We Deposit your payment;
  2. We verify Cleared funds;
  3. You Defer pricing, until you make the call;
  4. You/We then lock in Pricing; and,
  5. We Fill and ship your order as soon as possible.

Advantages of the “Deferred Order” (DCDPF):

  1. If you think silver prices (one variable of Token cost) shall decline, you get to choose when to price the order, hopefully gaining a lower price advantage.
  2. Every month in the deferral status period, you shall be credited .5 (current crediting rate) Bonus Token for every $1,000 in deposit on account each monthiversary added to your ultimate shipment.

Disadvantages of the “Deferred Order” (DCDPF):

  1. Deposit limited to $8,000;
  2. Bonus Tokens are forfeited if you do not complete your purchase;
  3. If purchase is not consummated within 360 days, we shall, as soon as possible, return your deposit, without Bonus Tokens;
  4.  Token Bonus crediting rate may change without notice, but shall always be the same rate across the board for each person in the program.

Note: We are not your bank! Nevertheless, we value your deposit for future purchase, knowing you could likely receive interest on that money if deposited into a regulated financial institution.

4. Purchaser Must:

  1. Provide copy of valid ID at purchase, or time of deposit into DCDPF purchase program;
  2. Provide exact shipping address;
  3. Have adult signature for product arrival. If nobody is available, the shipping company shall leave their contact information; and,
  4. Everyone pays a handling fee of $6.95 per order, plus banded shipping rates (on a respected courier).


5. Purchaser May:

  • Purchase shipping protection currently priced @ about $1.30 per $100 of product value; and,
  • Arrange for personal pick-up from our offices during normal business hours, subject to security check.



  1.  DCDPF participants have first claim on available inventory; and, 
  2. If we cannot reasonably fill your order, we reserve the right to return your funds, without further obligation to you. If so, we shall gladly absorb your bank card fee, and/or reimburse you for reasonable wire fee or bank check fee (Maximum $50).

6. Wiring Instructions:

A. Wires:

Beneficiary Bank Name:               Bank OZK, Little Rock, Arkansas

                                                         ABA/Routing Number: 082907273

Beneficiary Name:                     7TH DAY FINANCIAL ASSOCIATES INC        

Beneficiary Street Address:                   33629  US   HWY 19  N

City State, Zip:                                     PALM  HARBOR,  FL  34684

Beneficiary Account Number:                         2804662336     .


B. ACH Transfers: Same as wiring destination instructions above.

  • Note: Always add the “Order Reference # ” to your Electronic Bank Transfers. Our phone number: 800-334-3442, available to answer any questions.


7. Mailing Instructions:

USPS and Courier drop:          7th Day Financial

                                                 33629 US Hwy 19 No.

                                               Palm Harbor, FL  34684


8. All orders are placed/accepted via phone (old school, yet secure): 800-334-3442.


9. Our Fax #727-791-1960 is HIPPA level security protected. Some may prefer this method for ID presentation.

10. We reserve the right to “not take your order”… Reasons:

  • If you fail to agree with the “Pledge” affirmation (it’s what fortifies your security against future government seizure).
  • If we believe a “scam” is being perpetrated.
  • If we believe the safety of our customers or employees is in danger.

11. We have painstakingly worked to provide a product with strong legal Constitutional and Executive Order Citational Precedent to protect our Token holders.

  • We do not store your information electronically, whereby those records can be accessed via the internet.
  • We do not share or sell our client lists.
  • We take our mission seriously and desire to deal with others who share our observations and concerns.


12. We appreciate our customers sharing their Tokens and informing others of Token availability.

  • It is the World’s only known Silver Bullion Pledge Token.
  • Its cost, shape, size, precious metal content, portability, detailed design, and purpose make it uniquely recognizable.
  • We believe broad distribution and circulation shall establish it as a global standard Token, especially as currency and coin are withdrawn from circulation or devalued by their government issuers. It happened in the 1930’s, 1960’s, and the 1970’s in the U.S… It can happen again, anywhere.
  • It has no electronic or digital tail, trail, or transfer diary, making it ultra-private; and,
  • It is an eschatological “talking point” for those of faith.

13. Buyback Policy

Our goal is to establish the greatest amount of freely circulating Tokens possible. But, we also desire our clients to have the best experience attainable.

If you ever purchase precious metal(s), bullion coins, tokens, rounds, or bars from any vendor other than 7th Day Financial, ask them what they would pay you for what you just bought from them?

You’ll quickly discover that you would be sacrificing much of what you paid them as dealer mark-up. This Doesn’t Have to be the case!

If, for any reason, you find it necessary to part with your precious Tribulation Tokens, we shall price your sell-order into our “Priority Placement Pool” (PPP), with the objective of paying you end-column pricing – paid by those who buy Tokens from us at the maximum discounted rate.

Example: Say you could buy 1,000 Tokens from 7th Day Financial at $7.00 per Token (end-column pricing) and you paid via bank wire or cashier’s check – receiving a 2% product discount (see Item 2 above) – you would pay 98% of $7.00 (or $6.86) per Token.

If you happened to be selling via our “Priority Placement Pool,” we would likewise pay you $6.86 per Token… It’s just that simple!

You would receive exactly what we offer others at the end-column price.

“Best Efforts” Policy:

Not only would you receive what others pay at end-column maximum discount pricing, but the Tokens within the PPP get priority status, moving out as quickly as our own inventory.

Meaning: If we get an order for 2 Tokens, one comes from our inventory and one comes from the PPP until all sellers are satisfied.

“An Efficient Market dictates the Smallest Mark-up
between Re-seller and Buyer. This is how we establish
the World’s First Pledge Token as a Global standard!”

Thank you for understanding a strict adherence to our “Rules Based” Terms and Conditions, as we seek to maintain the highest degree of integrity, transparency, and platform quality for your protection.

* Ask about our trade-in program, where you can transition your Gold & Silver Coins to Tribulation Tokens – making you eligible for more favorable pricing.

* If you refer someone to us, make sure they mention your name when ordering.

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