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Many people have IRA’s or other non-qualified money they cannot afford to lose. 7th Day Financial (7DF) companies have “higher yielding” deposit accounts that beat the banks, yet have no stock or bond market risk. It’s nice to know that you’re doing the “greater good” by investing in annuity certificates instead of certificates of deposit.

Risk Managed Accounts

Risk-managed accounts are handled by one of our corporate teammates, currently offered through a Fortune 500 financial services giant. More details are provided upon request.

Low Risk Deposit Accounts

Better than most bank yields, but without the stock market, bond market, or commodities risk, low-risk accounts may be the right choice for you. We’ll get you the best and safest rate available. 

Many people never even consider where their deposits go once they’ve been deposited with a financial institution.

It’s Simple: Banks loan money to people for reasons of “consumption” such as boat loans, car loans, home equity loans, etc., whereas insurance companies loan money (via high-grade corporate bond purchases) to American companies who employ US workers for “production” purposes.

… And here’s what’s so ironic, the backstop guarantor to the banking industry is, of course, the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Company). Few people bother to consider that the FDIC is actually an insurance company. Yep.. that’s right… it’s an insurance company backing the banking industry, not the banks protecting the insurance and annuity industry. 

Accounting & Tax Preparation

Whether you are a business owner or an individual, your tax and accounting needs are our “marching orders!” Estate, personal, and business tax returns are “no problem” with your 7DF professionals. 7DF has been striving to save taxpayers money on their taxes for over 30 years.

Why pay more than you’re legally obligated. The tax code is a multitudinous behemoth containing over one-million words (at last count). That’s larger than most Bibles.

Let us diligently search the “Code” for your best breaks.

And when it comes to accounting – relating to business sales, Medicaid application considerations, or simply annual tax return matters – we always have an eye toward your best financial outcome.

Mortgage Lending & Title Services

These services are offered by licensed-state registered professionals who will provide state and federal registration numbers and details when you’re ready to borrow, buy, or sell.

Where the principal of 7DF has been a licensed mortgage NMLS participant, bearing membership NMLS  ID# 1879132, he (at no cost to the client or remuneration from the lender or its agents) is more than happy to refer you to active duly licensed lenders and mortgage brokers who can get you that next real estate secured loan. This holds true as well for those of our clients requiring a licensed realtor to buy or sell a home or business property.

We shall absolutely never charge you or collect a referral fee when it comes to mortgages or real estate sales.

However, if you’re tired of your existing financial advisor managing your risk portfolio, we do receive remuneration when you transfer your account to certain FINRA licensed firms.

Practice Acquisition

It may be time to monetize your practice, furthermore, you may even want to join our team. In any case, we provide you with the best value for your practice, all while assuring your clients’ uninterrupted service. 

Document Lockbox Services

A document lockbox offers a convenient way to secure and protect the items you cannot afford to lose. Things could include vital documents, heirlooms, property deeds, stock certificates, jewelry, insurance policies, etc…

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