Estate Preparation

When someone passes away, their personal representatives and/or successor trustees usually do not know what to do.

Our Estate Settlement Service walks beside your designated estate personal representatives and trustees. We help them efficiently handle the workload required to properly settle out the final affairs of loved ones.

Don’t spend it all! Learn your options early, so that you may conserve money for your loved ones.

It often times begins with a “good accounting.”

Concerning financial outcomes, 7DF has been assisting Estate Personal Representatives and Successor Trustees quickly and efficiently. 7DF helps by privately settling financial issues after one pass.

Settlement Services

While not attorneys, 7DF associates have competent affordable legal counsel to whom they can refer. Such that personal representatives and successor trustees can have backup legal representation when needed.

7DF receives no “finder’s fees” or remuneration from attorneys. In fact, we attempt to get a price break on legal services for our clients whenever possible.

Yes, many times, legal fees are negotiable. One may as well seek to find value (good professional service for a fair price) whenever possible.

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Common Questions About Estate Preparation

We hear questions like this all the time. Without providing legal advice on the site, yet repeating what our referral attorney has often stated

  • A Living Revocable Trust may be desired as a way to eliminate the high cost of probate. While the trustee is statutorily eligible for a trustee fee, if it is a family member, also being a beneficiary, it may waive his trustee fee.
  • Your Indiana Will should be good, especially if it was witnessed by at least two individuals, then notarized by a Notary Public. Nevertheless, statutes may differ from state to state. This means: new estate documents probably should be prepared.

We are not attorneys. Yet, have painstakingly found good counselors of law. All of them are experts in their respective fields, and they often give our clients a discount on their services.

They know if they provide quality and value to our clients, they shall see more referrals. We do not receive any referral fees or financial compensation for any legal experts whom we refer to our clients.

Yes, it’s true that if we make no money, we wouldn’t be able to be here for you in the future.

When we review your financial related documents, etc., we charge for our time. However, we frequently have or greatly reduce our fees when a client elects to open certain deposit accounts with us.

We never rebate our earned compensation from insurance and annuity companies, but, we are allowed to discount or waive our other fees – as a “thank you” to you.

Yes. It happens all the time, we do charge for those services because most non-professional trustees need a little assistance in the estate settlement process.

We come alongside them and walk them through the process, often handling the tax return preparation and so on.

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